Come sit on my rooftop and get some vision for your life.

Located in gorgeous Ocean Beach San Diego, a few blocks from the beach.

I find that a good view helps us ruminate and think about our lives. Something many of us could do a little more of… because VISION

“Without VISION the people perish” is an old saying. And sometimes I get a little perish-y. 

Sometimes we need to knock the barnacles off of our pre-fontal cortex and get the dust out of our eyes and really SEE… 

… WHERE our life is. 

… WHAT our next campaign is. 

… HOW we’re going to execute. 

… WHY it matters. 

My Invitation to You: 

Let’s get you to the rooftop for 2.5 hours to explore your life and SEE what your VISION really is. 

Bring nothing but a notebook, everything else will be taken care of. 

I have a process of questions I like to ask people to begin the inquiry. From there the sessions always take on a life of their own… because it’s YOU we’re focused on.

You will even have the option of exploring cannabis as a tool for self discovery and enhanced cognitive processing. (Fully legal in California.)

Note: Not everybody is interested in cannabis, but it’s played a major role in my recovery from anxiety, depression and general lack of vision in life. 

The Details:

1. Let’s find an afternoon that works.
2. Arrange any necessary travel.

The first step is finding a time that works for us both. (Note: combining your session with another friend is available for a discounted rate.)

To find a time that works please fill out this form: 

Please provide 3 date options that work for you. Weekday options are given higher priority than weekends (because kids).