If you’re anything like me, you have a legit interest in staying sharp and vital. 

Options to work with Chase Right now: 


Coaching, mentorship and advice. Also, hang time.
$ 129 One Time
  • Bring a question, problem or topic to discuss
  • 45 minutes of unadulterated Chase
  • I'll be curious about how your life-at-large is going
  • No extra fees or bullshit

“Thank you for your empathy, thank you for your understanding and thank you for unlocking a plan of action in my head to start working on what I do next.” ~ Gemma

book a rooftop session

Come sit with me on my San Diego rooftop for 2.5 hours
$ 499 One Time
  • Bring your own curiosity, passion, courage (+vulnerability)
  • Uncover clues for the next campaign of your life
  • Explore the story of your life up to now
  • Option to explore legal cannabis as a tool for self discovery
  • Audio recording of the session for your personal use

Private Review Package

For prototypes and products coming to market or already available
$ 1500
  • Chase Reeves privately reviews your Product or prototype
  • Highlights and lowlights of the design and experience recorded
  • Market comparison discoveries and insights recorded
  • 50min phone call for Chase to hear the vision for the product
  • A private video delivered via secure FTP download
  • First step is to schedule the call below
  • Full refund if you don't like how the call goes
  • This product review is private, not public

“In just a short call Chase got to know me beyond my goals, brainstormed with me, helped create an action plan, and as usual – kept it real. The 1-1 call with Chase was every bit as good as I imagined!”

~ Samantha P.

I’ve built successful businesses, I’ve dealt with tragic losses, I’ve weathered marital shipwrecks and I’m still here more engaged and vital than ever before. 

There’s a method to this madness, my friend  🙂